Retro Styles Making a Comeback

They say history repeats itself, and when it comes to these throwback styles, we are okay with that! Here are the top retro styles making a comeback for women’s fashion in summer 2022. 

Chain Belts

Chunky or dainty, it doesn’t matter, chain belts are in! These belts are primarily gold in color, and can be worn over a dress or top+skirt combo. While they can’t hold your pants up, they can absolutely hold your look together. 

Choker Necklaces

Before you have flashbacks to the tattoo style chokers or the 90s, just know that you’ve matured a bit and chokers have too! The current take on this retro trend is elegant pearl strands, or dainty charm pieces. If your neck is a little too wide for most chokers, a quick necklace extender will do just the trick. 

Puffed Statement Sleeves

Puffed statement sleeves are another retro style that’s been given a modern facelift. Thankful we left the stiff shoulder pads in the 80s and traded them in for a looser puffed sleeve look that will keep you cool and stylish. While puffed statement sleeves are making a comeback in many different fabrics, we would recommend trying a sheer puffed sleeve top to stay cool in this Alabama heat.

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