How to Style a Bralette

Bralettes are here in a big way this summer! We love this new comfy top, but we understand it can be a little confusing trying to figure out how to style a bralette your first time. Here are a few tried and true methods to help you look awesome in your new bralette at any age. 

Oversized T-Shirt

Most people begin styling a bralette with their favorite ov ersized t-shirt. A lace bralette and an oversize t-shirt is a great casual summer look, and can add a pop of color to a plain top. 

Skirt and Chunky Belt

Wearing a bralette with a skirt and chunky belt will let you dip your toes into wearing a bralette in public. Choosing a longer skirt and large belt will allow you to control how much skin is seen between the belt and bralette, while still keeping you stylish and cool. 

Pant Suit

A more fashion forward way to wear a bralette is underneath a blazer and matching pants. You may feel a little naked the first time, but we promise this is an absolutely stunning look at any age. 

Jeans or Shorts

Of course, you can always style a bralette with your favorite pair of jeans or shorts to beat the summer heat! Treat the bralette like you would any other top when it comes to color and texture, and you’re good to go. Wearing a bralette by itself or with a jacket is perfectly acceptable, and a stylish way to stay cool this summer. 

If you need help styling a new bralette, come by and see us at Lucky Finds in Florence! We will  be happy to help you find a bralette that is perfect just for you.

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